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Until my recent change to MediaPortal, I had been using Webscheduler for recording TV. IT has a number of powerful features that the MediaPortal team could consider including. The principal one is being able to configure it to search the EPG for programs that match given sets of strings and to automatically schedule matches to be record. This way I was able to enter "CSI" and schedule recording of all the CSI shows whenever they occurred without me having to check the EPG and cope with late changes by the stations. Each day the EPG is reloaded, Webscheduler would search the EPG and update its recording setup. It also meant when a series was on (for say 6-7 weeks) of a program I was interested in, it would record all of them and then stop recording when they finished.
Given it is sourceforge software, perhaps an integration could be done easily. Install it on your machine and have a look. The capture is only for DVB-T, but the EPG search function is general enough to work for any formats.

Since getting MediaPortal to work with my DVB-T card, I haven't looked back and my hat off to the developers for producing a great product!!!


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January 5, 2005
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I was actually discussing WebScheduler with a colleague yesterday and it sounds like there are some really good features of Webscheduler that would be great to have incorporated in MP.

I'd definitely second this idea!

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