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    Status: beta
    SVN URL: https://mediaportal.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/mediaportal/trunk/Tools/MPTvClient

    Short description
    MPTvClient is a lightweight client to watch Tv using TvEngine3 over the network.
    You just need a TvServer installation somewhere and on the client side a player e.g. VLC and this tool.
    No need to have MP installed.

    - Start/Stop timeshifting tv/radio
    - watch status of the cards
    - check EPG
    - stream and delete recordings
    - check and delette schedules

    - unrar all files to a directory of your choice
    - modify gentle.config file for either MS SQL or MySQL usage
    - start MPTvClient.exe
    - under "Configuration" configure the server connection and the path to vlc
    - press "Connect"

    Tips & Tricks
    - to stream tv, radio or recordings you can either use the context menu or a double click
    - to refresh a view you can also use "F5" hotkey


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