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  • October 31, 2006
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    Short description
    You know the unix command "tail" or "baretail" for windows?
    MPTail is GUI version of the tail command which shows several logfiles in different tabs.
    The MediaPortal and TvEngine3 logfiles are already predefined in groups.
    Also there is a new view which i call "combined view" which shows all logfiles of a certain group in one window, chronologically ordered.

    - MediaPortal and TvServer logfiles are predefined (can be changed)
    - possibility to highlight certain string
    - last window pos and size is stored/restored
    - you can add your own logfiles to the "Custom" tab
    - "Find" dialog
    - combined views can be saved to a file
    - ring buffered log boxes. There will be no more than 3 MB of text in each box

    - just unrar the file somewhere on your pc and start it

    Tips & Tricks
    - most options are only accessable through the context menu of each logfile box


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