Is it Feasible to upgrade a working Mediaportal to V2? (1 Viewer)


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July 5, 2018
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W7 64; AMD A8-7670K radeon R7; 16Gb ram; 120Gb ssd boot drive; 2+TB storage; 2x (Hauppage Nova-DT Dual DVB-T tuner +IR)

If it is feasible, is there a howto, or a page with someone's experiences?

I've got many progs setup to record and would like to avoid reinput etc

Thanks for any help.



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    I assume that you are referring to MediaPortal 2. Please note that MP 2 is an independent development

    If it is feasible, is there a howto, or a page with someone's experiences?
    Not to my knowledge.

    I've got many progs setup to record and would like to avoid reinput etc
    Open your TV setup, look for the Export tab, tick all options and then export everything. All your TV settings will be saved to the file export.xml.

    You can now uninstall your MP1 setup and install MP2 after that, or do a parallel installation. In the latter case make sure that you deactivate the TV Service in Windows before you install MP2. Once installed open the MP2 TV Configuration, look for the export/import tab, tick all options and import the previously saved file. Then launch the MP2 application, complete your setup in the settings section (skin, theme, paths, etc.). Do not add any TV recording path here as this is done automatically.

    On the home screen you can check if your schedules were correctly imported.

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