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December 8, 2004
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I have put a fix into my local code to correct the following problem:

If you play a shoutcast (maybe all?) radio stream, then press the TV Guide button, the TV turns on (TV Guide must do this) but the radio audio does not turn off. So you hear both audios.

I bascially just put a additional call into the remote handling code so that when the TV Guide button is pressed, a ACTION_STOP is sent to stop the radio audio prior to the ActivateWindow call to invoke the guide. This works great. However now most of the time that I press the TV Guide button, the TV does not turn on automatically. I'm sure due to the ACTION_STOP being sent and the asynchronous nature of these messages, This leads me to two questions:

1) Why is the TV turned on automatically when you open the guide?

2) Will there be any problems if the TV does not turn on when the guide is opened?

When you select a channel from the guide, the TV is turned on then if it isn't on already. So far I haven't seen any bad behavior because of this change. But I don't use timeshifting, so I figured I'd ask before I ship it off to frodo :).

Of course, if there is a better way to fix this, I'd love to hear it.


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