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February 12, 2008
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I started MP and when I tried to watch TV, got a "Lost connection to TV Server" message. I then tried to stop and restart TV Server but it just hung on stopping and I couldn't even kill it with Task Manager. I then tried to reboot the PC but that hung on Shutting Down as well, so I did a hard restart.

After rebooting, when I tried TV I got "No signal" on ITV1, so I checked TV Server config and was able to manually start timeshifting on both tuners (on BBC1 and ITV1) but I noticed that one of them is shown as Unknown rather than DVB-T and the Edit button is greyed out for that. I'm fairly sure when I last checked I was able to edit both tuners (note I have the Hauppauge Nova-T tuner disabled and haven't been using that for a while now, since I got the K-World USB tuner).

Anyway, it seems to be working again now.


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