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January 9, 2005
London, UK
Some remotes now come with special buttons for multi media functions, such as selecting TV, Video, Music, etc. Can keyboard shortcuts be added to allow switching between all modules / plugins. These can then be mapped to the remote control buttons.

As an example ShowShifter does this already. It would be a nice enhancement


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September 19, 2004
Ulstrup, Denmark
I second that.

I did notice though that the new MCE2005 support (looking at the code) supports this kind of switching.

But i think it's implemented a little to isolated. Instead of coding the approiate actions directly into the remote support it would be better to implement it as actions along all the other "actions" in MP.

This would enable every other parts of MP, either native or custom developed to "raise" such event/action.

So you could define new remote-buttons, new short-cut keys or even raise the events from the web-interface.

;-) Ojo

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