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February 26, 2009
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I have a problem with setting LAV audio codecs. First I had them installed through the online videos plugin, but at that point I do not know whether they were actually used - at least I did not change anything in the codec section of the configuration.

But then I found that some of my converted (trimmed video - through avidemux - a much recommended open source editor) did not play well in TV-series plugin so I went about to install SAF v6. This prompted me to uninstall/reinstall LAV again. And after that I set the recommended settings in codecs using LAV for audio. However, when I set LAV for audio anywhere (either in Video or in TV) MePo hangs when trying to view anything using this codec.

I tried posting problem to SAF6 thread but according to Hoborg, SAF had installed correctly and *should* work. However there is some error about not finding the Audio Switcher filter. I found a thread about this and reregistered the with regsvr32.

The attached logs are from forcing closure of MP in debug mode after trying to play media (in this case LiveTV) when having LAV filter set.

Any help appreciated! As you can see in my system I run win 7 pro 64 bit.

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