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August 29, 2018
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Would it be helpful to include an interactive setup "wizard" for the LAV audio / video options which configures the LAV filters based on a dialogue which asks questions about your hardware and the way it is connected, and then sets up the LAV filters accordingly?

For example, it took me a few days to realise that I was no longer getting surround sound via SPDIF, so I just went in and clicked all the bitstreaming options until it came back, but this was 100% guesswork. Also, I didn't know I could enable Intel Quick Sync hardware acceleration in the video configuration until today.
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    My own findings are that you need to experiment a little bit to get optimum results. For example QuickSync doesn’t work for me although I do have Intel hardware.

    So in essence: hardware setups are so heterogeneous that an automatic setup won’t always work.

    Setting up LAV is no rocket science though. Also a simple question in the forum will get you all the help that you like to get.

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