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Hello. I wounder if it is possible to get LCD-texts out of MP to a standard windows-32 bit program?

I have a Star customer display that I have mounted in a little box. The name of the display is SCD-400. It is a display with 2 x 20 letters.

I have made a program that can write to this display, but I want the information from MP to be shown on the display. The program is written in Delphi 6 Enterprise.

Anyone got an idea? Do I need to learn .NET.


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August 3, 2004
Perhaps you should read the forum you posted in :)
Check out these two threads:

LCDSmartie plugin
LCD plugin for HD44780

Besides the "Plugins" part of the forum is meant for annonuncing plugins that are developed so you should move this post as soon as possible.


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