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January 21, 2006

I've got problems with the LCD plugin. With LCDsmartie my 4x20 lcd is just working fine. It's hd44780 compatibel, but always when I start MP just some letters from the words that should be shown clearly are flashing all over the LCD. I tried all configuration settings but none worked. With standard hd44780 it shows nothing with the ksxxxx it flashes the letters.

Also I want to show other things on the LCD, e.g. CPU load and so on, I want the great LCDsmartie plugin back :(

I've never got any information from MP on my LCD so far with 2.0


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January 19, 2006
I've asked to see if anyone has managed to get the LCD smartie plugin working with MP 0.2rc2 but no replies so far...

If anyone has the knowledge of c#, the source for the LCD smartie plugin seems to be here: - called LCDSmartie.cs. I can only assume that the author is fine with us accessing it as he uploaded it with the binary... there's no reference to GPL or open source in the source though.

It appears that the plugin hangs when LCD smartie first tries to call it - my guess is there's been a change to ECP2Assembly.dll (which is instantiated early in the plugin LCDSmartie class), and one of the calls that it makes doesn't work any more.

Should be quite quick to debug and resolve... :) Anyone interested in having a look?

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