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October 18, 2005
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Hello People

First of all do anyone know if a remote or a project with a remove that have a lcd to show data from the computer exist?

If not i was thinking of maybe trying to make one, It will be a receiver part that connects to the computer some way (preferable USB) and the remote it self. The the remote can control Mp but the display can show output from external display(or something like it). My problem lies in that i have not EVER developed a driver or any program in C for a PC, only for embedded.

So i need help! I can write the remote i self, and at least part of the receiver, perhaps not the part that does the USB. And the USB driver for the computer i can't write. If i do it by RS232 i can make it all my self(except for the plug in for the computer). But i want USB as others can use it then. Then if the interest is there i will make the PCB prof, and sell it with no earning?

Does this sound interesting? Will you help me?


René Jensen


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August 13, 2005
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You can get USB ICs that will just emulate a RS232 port, if I remember correctly. This way you can use the serial knowledge you have, yet use USB for compatibility reasons.

Or maybe something like the MAX3420E, which comes with examples on how to make it work as a standard Human Interface Device in windows.

The hardest part of a project like this, I think, is make the case and buttons feel "right" to use.

Good luck on your project, for displaying the information perhaps you could get your device implemented in the LCD display plugin?

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