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I like the outlook of Media Portal very much. And positive things are language support of my own and support for girder and MegaPC180.
But I can't get it to work with my dvb-c card with those damned technotrent bda-drivers.
Well, it would be nice if:
you could choose external tv-program,
you could use real EPG (in DVB stream) as TV Guide (my htpc don't have internet connection),
you could use teletext (or even super teletext in DVB stream) as source for weather information,
you could use external radio program and hardware (as in my MegaPC180).
So I would like to have some kind of lighter version of Media Portal as a front end for external programs. Is this possible to make, I don't know.
Perhaps I should search somekind of "htpc fontend" for girder.
Anybody knows any?


Anyway, I second that. it would be great if you could install only those features you are going to use. Also, .NET dependancy can be adressed by releasing pack of only those libraries MP is really dependant on. For example, nLite project author published what he calls "alternative library" (4 MBs size only) so you do not have to install a complete .NET bloat, but unpack the archive folder to SYSTEM32 dir instead. Quite an advantage for set top box like apliances. Spce on CF cards is too limited to let it waste.

See nLite runtimes article on nLite homepage:

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