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I don't know if anybody likes to do it, but sometimes i prefer to watch TV while listening music. Therfore, I suggest the option to listen your playlist or radio station instead of TV audio while watching TV. Anybody maybe have thoughts about this? :) :)


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March 5, 2005
well you're not the only one.. it's actually kinda nice for parties and the such. might have music playing but a game on mute in the background. even most decent receivers have this functionability these days. for mine and usually for most, you use the remote and select your video source first and then the audio source second.

maybe there can be a section that can overide/mix and match video and audio sources. at default it just links the two, but if wanted, you could select the current audio\video source and switch only that.


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  • April 23, 2004
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    yeh thats a nice idea

    i have the same setup as u described....deecue...and perhaps when watching TV brings up the TV video and audio....whenever u want to have music playing instead of the TV audio...simply go into My Music\My Radio" and select an audio stream....

    MP then cuts out the TV audio leaving the TV video playing ..but with the My Music\Radio playing the audio

    in the end u have TV video and Music/Radio/internet audio


    TNx for replays:)

    The solution for the radio stations works great. Still, I would also like to play my audio files and playlist while watching TV.

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