Logic for handling Sat card with loop through Connectors (1 Viewer)


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September 2, 2009
Hi all,

recently I tested a Kathrein receiver, it has an option in setup to use the 2 receivers with one LNB cable via it's loop through connectors.

This option ensures for the second card only Transponders in the same band and polarization as the first card uses are selectable for recording.

I think, it would not be a big problem to make MP able to deal with such a configuration.

1. LNB -------- Loop in__1. Sat Card ___Loop Out -------- 3. Sat Card IN
2. LNB -------- Loop in__2. Sat Card ___Loop Out -------- 4. Sat Card IN

There must be a setup option : Card connected via loop through to Card n.

The Recording logic has to deal with it.


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