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  • January 3, 2008
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    Hi all!
    Me and @Vasilich are proudly presenting to you our TV & Radio logos downloader plugin.
    Original idea was by @ibmonkey here and developed futher by @kiwijunglist. Big thanks to them and all who participated in that discussion!
    - Downloading TV and Radio logos from online repository
    - Applying custom design to logos (Idea was taken from MPLogoCreator plugin from @Scrounger)
    - Selecting country packages
    - Rebuilding logos cache on plugin exit (code from MyRefresh plugin from @smirnoff)​
    - Argus Multiseat support (still no information whether and how it is possible from Argus side)​
    * changed path to logos repository (we have moved from GoogleCode to Assembla)
    ! Fix for effect generation on systems witn DPI set to non-100% value (e.g. 125%)
    * compare channel names case-insensitive
    + generate TV and Radio subnodes
    + added check if logo with that remote name was already downloaded in this session
    + added check if logo for channel with clearname was already generated in this session
    ! fix for crash on searching of package based on location if no suitable package found.
    + StringPartsToRemove implemented (configurable per pack)
    + Autoupdate of config (URL hardcoded)
    + adjustable update interval
    * some empty tags in XML config won't be recreated on save
    + added default constructors initializing with default values if necessary. From now on logomanager.config file can be deleted and plugin will recreate it with default settings instead of old behavior (i.e throwing exceptions)!
    - disabled config from MPConfig
    + added FirstRun detection and handling. will automatically grab logos in 30 seconds after MP start if Allchannels group has less that 200 channels, or all groups except alllchannels have less that 200 channels. Also requires LogoPack supported for current location (e.g. it won't work for Austria because Austria has no own pack).
    + changed handling of background updates
    + added recreation of config file when found config file is broken.
    + added hover image
    + added update timer
    * preliminary support of Argus TV server (singleseat only)
    + added support of subfolders in logo filenames
    + added progress bars while grabbing
    + Other logo packs added (available through autoupdate function)

    Changes for skin developers:
    • we now support hover image in plugin selector - the PNG should be named Media/hover_LogoManager.png. Credits for current image go to @RicoHTPC
    • we now support progress bars during grab - one for logos in current group, and second - for group in all configured for grab groups. First progress has type progress and ID 310, second one - type progress and ID 320. Check logomanager.xml file for Titan skin.
    • we now fill text properties #LogoManager.percentChannels and #LogoManager.percentGroups that will be filled with information about current pack and group in text form (like "Group "CurrentlyGrabbingGroupName" (2/7)") during grab. Currently not in use in skins delivered with MPE.
    + some useful hidden optins in config file for pack maintainers:
    <AutoUpdateConfig>false</AutoUpdateConfig> disables autoupdate of mapping part of config.
    <ConfigUpdateURL>url to valid config file</ConfigUpdateURL> points to config file with actual mapping. Currently our googlecode site will be used.​
    - Preview for designs
    - Autograbbing logos on plugin enter
    - Autograbbing new designs from online
    - Multigroup and multipack grabbing
    - Option to cancel grabbing
    - Glow/Outerglow/Resize advanced settings for geeks
    + bugfixes and more​
    Pack changes:
    - German pack moved and updated
    - French pack added
    - British pack added
    - Ukrainian pack added​
    Initial build supporting swedish, swiss, dutch, russian amd german repositories with ability to apply multiple designs​
    Supported repositories
    - Swedish ( Swedish TV and radio logos )
    - Swiss ( [MP LogoManager] Swiss radio + TV logos )
    - Russian
    - Dutch
    - German ( [MP LogoManager] Logo Pack Deutschland/Österreich (TV/Radio) )
    - British ( UK TV & Radio Logos )
    - French (probably only TV)
    - Ukrainian
    - Danish ( Danish TV & Radio logos )
    - Israeli
    - Australian
    - New Zealand
    - Irish
    - Czech
    - US ( USA Channel Logos )
    - Hungarian
    - spanish ( Logos españoles TV-Radio en LogoManager )
    - belgian (@Jasmeet_181 )
    - finnish (@Jasmeet_181 )
    - italian (@Jasmeet_181 )​
    Supported skins
    - DefaultWide (uncluded)
    - Titan (included)
    - Frames by Lbr_Lion (delivering with skin)
    - PurevisonHD (probably, delivered with skin)
    - Mustayaluca (delivered with skin, MP 1.6+ only)
    - StreamedMP Skin: https://github.com/Jasmeet181/mediaportal-uk-logos/blob/master/Skin/StreamedMP/StreamedMP LogoManager skin files.zip?raw=true
    How to add support for your country package
    - Create online repository with 200x200 png logos with transparent background, TV and radio logos separately (in different folders);
    - Make LogoMapping.xml file and place it in root directory of your repository (contact me for any help with automatic scripts for building this!)
    Example of file
    FIle structure:
      <Item Name="Channel Name Variation 1">
        <Provider />
      <Item Name="Channel Name Variation 2">
        <Provider />
    - submit new Package part to us​
    Useful tools
    Tool for creating valid LogoMapping.xml mapping file from directory with png files from existing logo pack.
    Note: Worse way for making mapping. It produces simplified mapping which can hold duplicate mappingg and filenames. Better way for making mapping is using export.xml file from tvserver and find logos for them.​
    Tool for chechking your mapping file against export.xml to find missing channels. It produces diff.xml file with simplified mapping items.
    GlowTest ftp://vasili.ch/MP/LogoManager/glowtest2.exe (updated 20.08.2013 20:49)
    tool for preview glow effect​
    OuterGlowTest ftp://vasili.ch/MP/LogoManager/OuterGlowTest.exe
    tool for preview outer glow effect​
    - vuego for creating & testing Swedish repository
    - bribbon for creating & testing Swiss repository
    - Lbr_Lion for creating & testing Dutch repository and for Frames skin files
    - HomeY for testing Dutch repository
    - Jasmeet_181 for making UK, Irish, Australian, New Zealand, US and Czech repositories
    - Scrounger for making German repository
    - AlexPlas for making Ukrainian repository
    - hkjensen for Danish repository
    - yoavain for Israel repository
    - Syrel for Hungarian repository
    - mrspock for spanish repository​
    Commented example of design settings file:
    Report bugs
    MPEI package - downloading is available through Extensions plugin
    latest MPEI version: attached
    latest dev version: attached (should be put in c:\Program Files (x86)\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\plugins\Windows\ )

    Some more detailed instructions (thx to Jasmeet)
    2013-05-31_231537.jpg 2013-05-31_231106.jpg 2013-05-31_231129.jpg 2013-05-31_231159.jpg 2013-05-31_231453.jpg


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  • November 30, 2005
    Nice start Edalex:)

    Have asked danish logo packer "hkjensen" for help supporting this plugin.

    I hope the long term idea is to get logos full automatic integrated in Mepo.

    In general I guess all users just want this to work "out-of-the-box". :)



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  • May 10, 2007
    France - IDF
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    I'm sorry, to say that,
    but i have message as Missing slin files when try to use it in "Plugins"
    [2013-06-01 09:58:33,226] [Error  ] [MPMain  ] [ERROR] - Error initializing window:LogoManager.LogoManagerPlugin La référence d'objet n'est pas définie à une instance d'un objet. LogosManager	à LogoManager.PluginSettings.LoadSetting()
      à LogoManager.LogoManagerPlugin.Init()
      à MediaPortal.GUI.Library.PluginManager.LoadWindowPlugin(String strFile)
    So, tested with 1.4
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  • January 3, 2008
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    Hard to tell for sure but something went wrong on init. :(
    Check if LogoManager.config exists in MP settings folder and it is valid xml file
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  • January 3, 2008
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    @azzuro I think I found the problem :whistle:
    France is not supported now and it tries to find package suitable for you (since it autodetermined your country) and failed.
    So I think faster way is to add french pack to settings.
    Sorry I can't imagine that someone from not supported country could use it :)


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  • January 3, 2008
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    it's only Times issues, for French logos .... ;) (i hope)
    Yeah, already checked out your repo and will make Logomapping file soon :cool:
    For future versions we planning ability to force redownloading existing logos (in case logo hoster have upgraded source file quality), maybe schedule for autoupdating logos if new were uploaded to selected repo, maybe Argus support. Do 4 words need to translate? :)
    Btw, you should be able to choose another repo i.e. german and download some common channels logos such as Eurosport etc.
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