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January 27, 2020
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It's looking like SageTV and it's support is dying a slow death at this point so I am looking at alternatives. I have a few questions about Media Portal, if you would indulge me:

First, let me tell you my setup:
  • HTPC being used as server and client (would be single-seat for Media Portal); I'm not using any SageTV media extenders
  • Brand new build with AMD Ryzen 5 3400G APU, 16GB of DDR4 RAM running Windows 10 x64
  • HDHomeRun Prime cablecard tuner being used on network through wired LAN connection
  • Harmony 650 Remote with FLIRC-USB receiver
  • Currently just use SageTV as Live TV and DVR, but also have PlayOn which integrates with SageTV through a plug-in
  • Subscribe to Schedules Direct for EPG
  • Samsung QLED 4K UHD television

And here's the questions:
1) Given my hardware and tuners, would you recommend MP1 or MP2?
2) Should I keep the Schedules Direct EPG, or are the free options in MP as good? (Note that the Schedules Direct API is going to be changing shortly according to a SageTV forum post)
3) Can the station/channel info be edited for display in the Guide? As an example, in SageTV I can edit the cable channel numbers for local stations to be the same as their OTA numbers (Channel 705 becomes Channel 5-1 (or 5.1))
4) I saw some earlier forum posts regarding recording the Live TV buffer, did this ever get resolved/working?
5) Is there a way to import my current recorded programs (basically just .TS MPEG-2 files)
6) Do you recommend formatting the HDD to be used for recording with 64K clusters? (this is my current configuration)
7) Is there a plug-in to integrate PlayOn?

Thanks in advance for any answers you can provide.


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    Hello and welcome to MediaPortal!

    Most of your questions are very standard and repeatedly asked - and replied to. ;) Asimple internet search should give you plenty of answers, that you need of course to find your way through.

    1. Hardware is not decisive, both will work
    2. I recommend to drop SD and use the "EPG-Buddy" in connection with the free TvGuide.com data. Search for the buddy thread which contains the download link as well as explanations.
    3. Yes, but that would be a manual task. If you change names they won't get dynamically updated anymore. The downside is that you will lose channel logos in that case. Not really recommended.
    4. There is no issue with buffer
    5. Yes, no problem
    6. No idea. This is not impacting the software behavior, so transparent to MP
    7. I don't know PlayOn, so probably no.

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