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Like most people, I just click next when installing programs, including the installation directory. This isn't so much a matter of being lazy as a matter of having been burned by programs in the past that have an installer that allow a configurable directory, but then code or config files that won't work with the non-default directory.

Anyway, my request is to make the default %PROGRAM_FILES%\MediaPortal. Adding in the vendor directory offers nothing useful, but is a pain in the neck every time I need to navigate to my MediaPortal directory.


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February 15, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
I agree it's a bit of a pain, BUT just about every software installer does this (Adobe, Symantec, SOUNDGRAPH - it CAPS it's even more annoying!!).
In fact, Microsoft is one of the few that doesn't!

I gave up a long time ago from changing the installed directory - too many programs (not MP!) don't clean up properly if you change the location.


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August 25, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
Um... its just two more clicks, to get through the Team MediaPortal folder. What's the big deal?

But this is a feature of the Windows Installer used by VS.NET 2003, and you cannot not have a vendor folder (AFAIK). And before you suggest not using Windows Installer, that makes things more difficult as the current system automatically compiles the current version and configures everything that would need to be done manually using other installers.



The big deal is I don't associate "Team MediaPortal" as the vendor of the product. My Program Files directory is rather large, so it's not like "Team MediaPortal" catches my eye when I'm looking for a folder called "MediaPortal". So, after not being able to find the "MediaPortal" folder, I have to either go through every folder in my Program Folders directory or go to my start menu and find out where the shortcuts link to.

So, it's far more than two clicks. Is it the end of the world? No. Is it unnecessary? I certainly think so.


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  • February 16, 2005
    I have to admit, i do sometimes have a tiny bit of trouble navigating to Media Portal because I forget to look under "T" but I just made a shortcut to solve this.
    I actually like having an initial folder as that is where I put all the secondary things that aren't core parts of MP, but I use them with it.
    For example, the web controller sits in the T.M.P. folder rather than MP. This way I can copy MP to a backup before applying a new CVS without having to stop the Web Service.

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