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April 8, 2015
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Whenever views are switched with the Enter key, they mouse cursor's location seems to set the focus and therefore the arrow keys may not respond as expected. So in order to solve this problem I would suggest that pressing Enter would highlight the most obvious thing in the next view and the mouse cursor would be ignored until it is used again.

For example the single channel EPG view tends to require pressing Up key once before the Down or PageDown keys work.


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    After a few seconds the mouse cursor is automatically hidden, so it has no longer focusing impact. I think it is a 3 seconds delay. Just keep the mouse a while untouced and the cursor should be gone.


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    Adding to the above: put the cursor over the field that you would like to get focus - and then don't touch the mouse anymore.

    You can't have it all. In the end this software is supposed to be controlled by a remote. Using keyboard and a mouse in parallel leads to the focus being taken away from the desired location.

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