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Peter Kjellerstedt

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January 12, 2013
Lund, Sweden
Sweden Sweden
The XML data from http://xmltv.xmltv.se/ typically contains multiple <category> tags per program. Here are two examples:

  <category lang="en">Adventure/Fantasy/Animation/Comedy/Action/Family</category>
  <category lang="en">movie</category>

  <category lang="en">Comedy/Fantasy</category>
  <category lang="en">series</category>
The first tag makes it possible to categorize the program based on its contents, but as can be seen from the above examples, to be able to determine whether the program is a movie or a series, the second tag is needed as well. Currently, MediaPortal only cares about the first <category> tag it finds for a program. The attached patch makes it concatenate all <category> tags using slashes, thereby making it possible to do categorization based on all available information.


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