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I have three cards setup

Fusion HDTV WDM S/W Encoding - Analogue SVIDEO Input
Fusion HDTV Transport Stream Capture - DVB-T
Visionplus - DVB-T

These all work great under mediaportal.. except when try to change between them.

I would love a way though to be able to "map" what channels these cards provide.

This is to prevent having to switch cards using the interface, which makes things quite unstable when switching between the digital and analogue cards due to either trying to lock onto a channel it cant tune to. Also it's not very seemless.

My current scenario is this :

Channels: Card 1 (External channels switched via the USBUIRT)
Discovery Channel
History Channel
Comedy Channel

Channels: Card 2
Channel 9
Channel 10
Channel 7

Channels: Card 3
Channel 9
Channel 10
Channel 7

The third card can't pick up the channel SBS due to it's dodgy tuner, so I would only want to map SBS to card 2.

Card 3 would only ever be used when recording using Card 2. If I attempted to change the channel it would only let me change to a channel that had a free card available for it. So for example , I could change to ABC (and it would use card 3) if I was recording Channel 9 (on card 2) but I couldnt change to SBS as it's not available on card 3.

A preference could also be set on the channels to say which card you preferred to use when 2 or more cards are free.

So anyway, I have these channels in two groups:

Cable TV (Only relevant to card 1)
Free To Air (Relevant to card 2 & 3)

It becomes dodgy when trying to swap cards at the moment, as I have to swap groups as well as inputs, it would be great if mediaportal just "knew" which card to use when trying to view a channel.

Unless I'm missing something, I can't really see why you would need to manually select the card and not mediaportal do it automatically as I've proposed.

Anyway, gotta say, keep up the good work as I'm blown away I can actually do this much , especially since there is no other software which can !



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    Same this would be a good feature. Mentioned it a few times and Im not sure if they took it into consideration. I have a digital and an analogue. It would be good if we get rid of the card selection option and just have channels. That way you switch to 7 analogue and it changes to channel 7 on the analogue card. Or 10 digital and it changes to digital card and selects 10. ATM if Im on analogue 7 and change to the digital card it attempts to lock 7 analogue as a digital channel and causes MP to lock up. The tv interface is locked up and I can go back to the menu but am unable to change channel though so as soon as I go back to mytv it locks again.


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    Just to add more weight to the topic I have the same problem.

    I've got a Hauppaueg PVR150 which accepts input only from the Composite#1 channel. It is not tuned in to any other channels. I've also got a Nova-T which is tuned to all the digital channels. Switching between the two cards is possible (ish) but you have to select the right new channel first before selecting the new card, and even then it's a bit hit and miss.

    I think the solution needs to be flexible to suit everyone, so you could map either channels to cards or groups to cards as you require.

    Apart from that it's a fantastic piece of software. I showed it to some friends last night and it blew them away.

    Keep it up

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