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July 8, 2005
Milan, Italy
A code question: i write a MyScript2 plugin, and i'm thinking about linking "Keys And Sounds" presets to script item,
but i cannot change the ActionType enum from a plugin...

An idea:

Add an ACTION_CONSOLE value to ActionType enum.
Add a public string variable called 'sConsole' that contain additional info, like the already exists 'fAmount1'.
Modify the 'MappingForm.cs' to allow specify this string.
Add serialization support and some other little code..

This little modification can allow MyScript2 user to link a remote button or keyboard to an ACTION_CONSOLE with additional command:"PlayScript test.mps", command
that i can receive from OnAction inside IPlugin derivates.

So, plugin developers (and myself) can create a plugin that intercept command like "Play c:\mymusic\myplaylist.pls", or "Open www.team-mediaportal.com",
or "Execute c:\myprogram\myexe.exe /silent"
allow final users to create useful customization...

i can do it by myself, but i need a core-developer opinion because require a core modification, right?

this idea was born in my mind from this other thread..

this is my first experience into an open-source project, and i don't understand some 'code' decision; for example ,
i suppose that the method "IPluginReceiver:IPlugin:WndProc" isn't in IPlugin standard interface for backward compatibility,
but why IPlugin isn't a normal class and WndProc simply a virtual function?

thanks for help! bye! Clodo

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