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October 29, 2004
Hi Sorry for starting a new topic regarding the MCE remot, I could not find the old one discussing this so... :oops:

I just interesting to get som information if there has been any progress on implemeting the IR blaster function on the MCE remote so it's possible to control external setup boxes. What I remember from what I been reading in the forum before is that there were still problem geting documentation on the function (knowlage of how it worked) any progress on this ?

Looking forward geting som feedback regarding the progress and the thinking of implementation.

Kind Regards

keep up the good work!


I want to ask the same question. So let me know if you had any success.
I have a machine all set up for MCE, but I can't get my STB to change channels with the MCE remote blaster, so Im considering switching to MP (or maybe Sage).

I'd like to know if I need to buy UIRT or not.

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