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    We have just released a Pre Release of MediaPortal 1.21. Happy testing!

    Pre Releases are provided as a way for the community to test and give feedback on all the exciting things we have lined up for the next release. We allocate about one month for Pre Release testing. In that time we will only fix bugs, after which comes the final release!

    Highlights of this release
    • We fixed some issues with MadVR
    • We fixed an issue with Dynamic Refresh Rate and the MediaInfo wrapper
    • We fixed an issue where the end time was incorrect when TV recordings were imported
    • We fixed/reworked the Audio Mixer control for Windows 7 & 10
    • We fixed a crash on Windows 10 Pro for Workstations
    We added new functions in the following areas:
    • Added support for AAC 'Parametric Stereo' audio streams to TV player
    • Added 'watched recording' status to TV section of Titan skin**
    • Added audio delay adjustment capability using LAV Audio
    • TV recording now uses a 'CPU thread per recording' method to minimise interaction between recordings and/or timeshifting
    • TV off-air DVB EPG data processing re-worked to fix some long-standing issues with incorrect character set handling
    ** With this new function you get a display of watched status/watched percentage in TV/Radio recordings (similiar as in MyVideos).

    Along with the above items we kept consolidating our software.

    Have a look at the ::release news:: to find out more about the improvements it brings to your HTPC!

    If you find problems/bugs, please report them :: here ::
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    July 13, 2008
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    A question about MadVR in this release. Do we assume that the ability to use MadVR is now fully integrated and that I don't need to do anything extra other than install MadVR separately?

    I ask because I installed this version. installed the latest version of MadVR, ticked the "use MadVR as renderer in MediaPortal configuration and then viewed live TV but it does not appear to work. Using the Shift/1 function shows that EVR is being used, not MAdVR..


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    July 13, 2008
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    Thanks, but slightly confused. The reference you quote shows the use MadVR for live tv as ticked - not unticked as you suggest. My current setting is exactly the same as the screenshot shown. If I play a recorded video then MadVR is used - it's just that it wasn't for live TV.

    Are you saying that if this option is unticked then MadVR will be used for live tv? (can't test at the moment as no access to my live system).


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    yeah, cos that's the defaults. please read also what is written about it
    .....this option gives you the ability to use EVR for LiveTV and madVR for local stored videos like movies/series.
    so once again, if evr option unticked, madvr will be used for tv too:LOL:


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    July 13, 2008
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    My mistake - for some reason I had read that as tick to use the MadVR renderer, not to stop using. Ah well......



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    May 20, 2018
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    Great improvements! The best MC in the world (very ergonomic despite so many features), behind is Kodi and far behind is MP2. It is a pity MP1 isn't on Android. Without Android/Linux (mini PC) support MP will be (is?) slowly dying :(

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