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We are proud to present MediaPortal 2.4.1​

MediaPortal 2.4.1 is a full-blown media center software that addresses most common user requirements out of the box. Aside from its support for Live TV and Radio, it offers a complete media server for music, movies, and series. Info is automatically downloaded from various sources to provide posters, fanart, album art, and various additional metadata, such as cast, staff, and more. MediaPortal 2.4.1 also provides access to online video sources such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Integrated news, weather information and management for your digital images complete this software package.


Flexible Aspect Ratios​

All skins support flexible aspect ratios, so it does not matter if you have a 4:3, 16:9 or even ultra wide screen. The aspect ratio is detected automatically, there is no need to adjust settings manually.
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International Language Support​

MediaPortal 2 was lacking with the support of many languages yet, because some characters could not be displayed correctly. It was mainly related to a missing unicode font, that is licence free. With the Google Noto we have found a font, that can be used in open source projects.

Due to heavy development of MediaPortal 2 many new text strings were added last years, but are not localized yet. Everybody can support translating strings in our translation platform transifex. Every help to bring MediaPortal 2 forward is highly appreciated by our small development team.

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Touch Display Support​

If touch display support is enabled in skin settings, menus won't slide in/out automatically any more, but only on press of the menu button. The support for touch display was extended further:
  • A first press on a menu tile selects the home content (instead of auto selection on focus)
  • A second press loads the corresponding media library
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Because the menu item selection behavior could be also interesting for mouse users the same behavior can be also achieved with a new skin setting "Whether to select a menu item manually instead of auto selection on focus"


  • Fixed recording view not being compatible with new view mode settings
  • Missing button content margin in DialogButtonStyle, "Manage series schedule" button not focusable by mouse
  • TV: Missing gerne infos in EPG screens and recording details
  • Overworked CurrentlyPlaying and Info screens
  • TV: Visible information for schedule list items and details
  • Display IsRecording indicator in notification bar and recording start and end indicators correctly
  • Better virtual keyboard appearance
  • TV: LoopScrolling in FullEPG, if activated in NereusSkinSettings
  • Blank screen in screen-saver to avoid burn-ins for OLED screens
  • Nereus: Fallback label for channel logo tiles in home content
  • Nereus: ChannelLogos in program tiles and replacement of circular with linear progress bar


  • Don't lock WF Manager in VideoPlayerModel message handler as it can cause deadlock when the message handler is shutdown when exiting the model context
  • Potential deadlock in Plugin Manager if different threads try to activate the same plugin


  • Fixed playback issues by using LAV Splitter Source directly



tvmosaic 192 dbabc
The current TV engine (TVE3) for Media Portal 1 and 2 was developed long time before and is not state of the art any more.

Accordingly we decided to develop the TVMosaic plugin as alternative TV provider. The TVMosaic Community Edition is freeware and can be configured by web browser. Because it is not bonded to windows it may run on many platforms.

Please note, that the plugin is currently in development and some functionalities could not be implemented yet. The latest version can be found here. It is not part of the 2.4.1 release installer yet!

The official news can be found here.


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January 14, 2022
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Thanks for the release. Works stable here and especially the new main menu selection feature is perfect.
Is the mentioned new installer planned for next release? I also thought the TVMosaic plugin would be integrated.


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  • January 11, 2014
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    Yes, the installer was basically ready and planned for MP2.4.1 already, but we decided it would be better to wait until the next release because of some coming breaking changes. It is planned to integrate all supported TVEngines into the installer, so you can select one during installation.

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