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    We are proud to present MediaPortal 2.3.1

    MediaPortal 2.3.1 is a full-blown media center software that addresses the most common user requirements out of the box. Aside from its support for Live TV and Radio, it offers a complete media server for music, movies, and TV shows. Info is automatically downloaded from various sources to provide posters, fanart, album art, and various additional metadata, such as cast, staff, and more. MediaPortal 2.3.1 also provides access to online video sources such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Integrated news, weather information and management for your digital images complete this software package.

    MediaPortal 2.3.1 is mainly a bugfix release. Please read the instructions under 'Upgrade' in the bottom of this news. There is a list of changes – you can find all details in the end of this news – major changes are:


    Skin Settings

    • Background FanArt visibility setting to define the opacity of the overlayed content
    • Setting to activate loop scrolling in most menus and lists (gapless jump from last to first item and vice versa)
    • Setting to decide between manual scroll viewers and auto scrolling with opportunity to define scroll delay and speed

    New Feature
    Filter views as seasons, albums, disks, … are automatically skipped now, when they contain only one item, mean e.g. selecting a series with only one season brings you directly to the episode view.


    • Fixes to installation packages (e.g. DX9 package not necessary anymore)
    • Issue with unordered and duplicated media items with deactivated user management
    • Fixed wrong focus setting for higher channel indexes when opening MiniEPG
    • Improved handling of getting default user which could deadlock the client during shutdown
    • Show only channel name in details of MiniEPG, if no logo existing
    • TV: Hide wrong program progress bar, if no program information are available
    • OSD Record menu empty, if no EPG data available
    • Nereus: Fix for Nereus not updating home content when returning to home
    • Nereus: Non-functional SMS style imput in media screen
    • Nereus: Scheduled recordings are not shown in extended schedule screen
    • Nereus: Program actions dialog not working properly in FullEPG


    MediaPortal 2.3's functionality can be further extended through the installation of additional plugins. The choice of extensions, while currently limited, is steadily growing. Discover what else is available in our Featured Plugins section.


    The Webradio plugin was overworked for 64 Bit compatibility and also supports HomeContent for Nereus skin now

    Moving from MP1 to MP2

    Procedures to install MP2 in parallel to MP1 are described in the Wiki

    For all those who would like to move from MP1 to MP2 and preserve their current media organisation, our forum member raffe has created a small tool that will extract information from your MP-TvSeries and MovingPictures databases and picture folders, The tool will leave all your original data untouched, create .nfo files for all your media and copy existing pictures from your MovingPictures and MP-TvSeries to your new MediaPortal 2 media folders. The .nfo files and pictures then allow a smooth and quick import of all your media info into MediaPortal 2. See thee respective forum thread for further details.

    Full list of changes

    You can review all changes by taking a look at changelog: MediaPortal 2.3.1 Release Notes - MediaPortal Jira
    For known issues please check out our Jira and our Bug Reports Forum.

    Installation, Upgrade, Download and Feedback

    Download the zip archive and check the "Allow access" box in the context menu. Then extract the archive and execute the MP2 Setup file.The installer will automatically download any missing components and install them.

    Windows 10 K and KN editions: You need to manually download and install the additional Microsoft Media feature packfirst. This will add the Windows Media Player and related technologies that are required by MediaPortal 2 to work.


    We strongly recommend to first uninstall previous versions of MediaPortal 2 before installing MediaPortal 2.3.1, this is also the case when upgrading from MediaPortal 2.3 to MediaPortal 2.3.1.
    We are working on an improved installer for future releases, that is more user friendly and working stable in all conditions.

    : If you upgrade from an earlier version than MediaPortal 2.1 the database is incompatible and cannot be migrated. You will need to redo your server settings including the setup of media sources.

    The full release information can be found here.
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