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July 25, 2013
United Kingdom United Kingdom

I have been trying to configure my server and client setup of MP and would just like to tell you how I have my client setup.

Basically my client PC feeds a 42" flatscreen TV in my bedroom. All I wanted was the TV wall mounted and an MCE remote to control MP.

I messed around for a while using Windows 7, but was keen to find something a little more 'custom'.

Anyway...setup Wes7 as a 'set top box' pre-configured install, removed MCE and loaded MP 1.5.

Ive setup display drivers etc and network all setup and its working a treat!

It auto boots via the splashscreen into MP and I can access all my media, watch live tv, recorded tv etc. Im really pleased with it. I can control it all from an MCE remote.

The main thing is its not bulked out and actually behaves exactly like a set top box. I have added a couple of additional menu's within the Titan theme just to fulfil my preferences.

Id seriously consider it if you purely want a client as a set top box.


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July 25, 2013
United Kingdom United Kingdom
As above mate.

Install as 'set top box'... Disable windows media centre features, install Mediaportal and drivers...job done!


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December 8, 2004
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Sounds nice. Did you use a standard desktop PC? I'd love to find one of those tiny footprint things to load it on. My wife knashes her teeth every time I hint at bringing a desktop into the family room ;)


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    Is this any different from just using Windows 7 and loading Mediaportal.exe instead of explorer.exe at boot?


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    July 25, 2013
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    It may not be much different to loading Windows 7. All I wanted was to select a 'profile' of drivers and plugins I know would work and boot straight into Mediaportal. Windows Embedded in my opinion is much better as its an operating system designed to be customized and tailored to the needs of a customer. I dont know a great deal about the differences of WEs 7 vs Windows 7, but i have a quick fully functional client on WES7 that's been pretty reliable working as a set top box.

    I have a 12U rackmount server in my loft. The client is basically a lowish powered PC built into a rackmount case feeding my 42" flatscrteen TV. Im pretty pleased with it.

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