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  • October 6, 2009
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    Hi there,

    Running 1.3.0 on a W7 x64 bit OS.

    Before I start...I know I havent attached any logs....But let me explain why :D

    Came to use MePo and it had crashed.
    Checked my C: drive and it had filled up with two Mediaportal.log files (each about 30GB!!) - Not sure why.
    I deleted the contents of the log folder and rebooted.
    Mediaportal and MePo Config failed to start generating application errors.
    No logs (either mediaportal or configuration) were generated when they were trying to start :(
    I eventually tracked it down to my mediaportal.xml file being 0 bytes (and also the backup file)

    So I potentially have two issues/concerns:

    1) How the XML file is handled - I assume it is rewritten in its entirity when MePo exits (so a new file is created) - as such in my case there was zero space for the contents, so it couldnt write anything? Is there a better way of handling this??

    2) Surely it would be better to display a "friendly" message that the XML file is corrupt - as opposed to a generic windows application error (for both MePo and the Config program) that doesnt explain anything?

    Many thanks,


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