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    Fixing things like you have found, this is a never ending job (like painting the Humber bridge, just think you have finished and end up starting over), so the more volunteers the better :)

    If you fancy having a go, just pm me\spragleknas or any other team member.

    Knew there were going to be problems with the video\movie section, when we changed the name, great care needs to be taken to not break the links, I just changed the visible names on my quick edit.


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    our wiki is "open source" as well.
    if you find an error, or missing info, then please just press the edit button and fix it. :)



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  • November 8, 2008
    Thanks infinity. That particular issue is something Id be happy to have a go at, but being new to the wiki, and it being a fairly complex edit, I will wait until I can do it with some help from someone with more experience. Ive PM'd Ray, and am waiting to hear back.

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