MediaPortal single seat vs. client/server installation

Discussion in 'Ongoing HTPC Projects' started by munchiez, March 5, 2014.

  1. munchiez

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    March 5, 2014
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    Hi all, I'm just about to set up my NAS before I start on a HTPC and was hoping for some advice.

    My ideal setup would be WHS 2011 on the NAS which I'd use to back up our PCs at night and act as file storage and MediaPortal server through the daytime. I'd like the HTPC to be virtually a standalone MP client but use it for occasional gaming.

    Using WHS adds the cost of software and a hard disk (roughly $150) but if I use FreeNAS I can run the OS from a memory stick and either save some cash or spend it on a better specced HTPC. I guess it would need to be a higher spec as it would then have to run the MP server software as well.

    Will a client/server installation perform significantly better than a single seat installation?

    Any advice would be really appreciated!
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  3. regeszter
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    October 29, 2005
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    Multi seat installation need when you want to use the TvServer and you have more than one client.
  4. mm1352000
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    September 1, 2008
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    Yeah, to elaborate on what regeszter said...

    MediaPortal 1 doesn't natively support sharing media metadata or settings between clients, so unless you meant you wanted to use the NAS to serve TV through the daytime...? Of course you can add the media on the NAS as a share to any number of clients. Just talking about the metadata when I say native sharing not supported. The MP Sync add-on may help with syncing the metadata between clients, but it is not a real client/server setup.

    MediaPortal 2 does support the full client/server thing.

    If anything a client/server setup will be slower than a singleseat.
  5. Lehmden
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    December 17, 2010
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    Show System Specs
    If you need TV on more places than you have Antenna available, a Client/Server setup is the only way to go. It always is possible to use the TV Server and one Client on the same PC and other clients on other PC using the TV Server on first PC...
    If you have TV available everywhere (IPTV as example) then you can use one or more Single Seat installation(s). The TV Server software don't need much CPU power at all. Some free disk space for Recordings and Timeshift is required, best on another physical drive than the OS. A really nice place for Timeshift is a RAM Disk, if you have enough RAM available. But aside of this, the requirements are the same for a Client only machine compared to a client/server machine.

    So the main question is: What type of TV do you have and where (which rooms and how much connections are free in those rooms) it is available? If this is answered we can give you exact information how to do best...

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