MediaPortal2 W10 no TV-icon on Start Screen. (1 Viewer)


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February 16, 2016
Germany Germany
Hello . environment is as follows
W10, I7-CPU, 1Gb RAM, 1Tb HDD, TV card TBS6980.

I have MP1 sucessfully running and wanted to switch to MP2.
Installation and configuration was successfull (I think) !
When I start MP2 the Start screen shows no ICON
for TV as you can see from the screenshot.
Uninstall and reinstall didn't help either.
Please advise. Thank you . Ulrich



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February 16, 2016
Germany Germany
Hi Jasmeet
I had this already in mind as well, but this scroll bar does not work.[DOUBLEPOST=1455695758][/DOUBLEPOST]correction
I can not move the scroll bar by means of the mouse but
with the vertical arrows keys.[DOUBLEPOST=1455696205][/DOUBLEPOST]next correction
mouse wheel works
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