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August 18, 2010
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Hope someone can, and might be willing to help!

can anyone can provide the communication specifications for serial connection from Minidisplay I would be very greatful.

I am looking for a new project to advance my microcontroler programming knowledge, and have been thinking for some time to replace the Soundgraph LCD from my HTPC with something that sort of works occasionaly!!

I doubt soundgraph will ever support a decent API for the real developers here, and I dont want to give soundgraph any of my money on anything new.

Using a multiline alphanumeric display from the parrallel port is easy enough to do but is graphic-less and I would like to learn about using USB, and dotmatric graphical displays. I find doing something useful the best way to learn.

USB should be easy enough using the USB RS232 emulalator built into windows an sending it to a USB enabled Microcontroler.

Again converting serial data over USB to the display should also straight forward, using a microcontroler, at least for the text!

However I can not program in the PC environment, or realy understand C# or XML, so I have some problems! (I only program in low level assembler languages, less instructions to learn :D)

Can someone give me some guidance on what format is used to send information from the Minidisplay plugin via the serial port? 8bit? baud rate? parity? Stop bits? Handshaking?

Does text follow ASCII and what text positioning information is sent (new line)?

I presume the RS232 emulator is used already to convert to USB for the supported devices using USB such as the iMon or can Minidisplay work more "natively" with USB (not yet an area I have adventued into however).

Also what "special" commands are available for displaying items other than text, ie status (Play record, pause, volume level etc.) I would like to display graphics, or animations along with the text, even a specrum analyser would be nice.

To date i have only worked with serial communications over COM ports, and multiline Alphanumerical text displays in my projects, so this will very much be a learning project if i get it off the ground.



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