Mixing multiple audio streams in MP2

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Smeulf, October 22, 2011.

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    I usually listen TV Show podcasts (director's comments), and to play both original audio stream (low volume) at the same time I listen the podcast at a normal/higher volume.

    Unfortunately, for now it's not possible to mix both audio streams and set a different volume for each stream. I can just choose the stream I want to listen (wich is already very good btw).

    In IRC, I was told by tourette that it is technically posible, if "there is no bitstreaming involved". He also talked about an audio engine and WASAPI. I must admit it's not in my technical knowledge, so I just quote him ;)

    So here is the proposal : make MP2 capable to mix 2 (or more ?) audio streams, with differents volumes, whatever the source is (an audio file or an another video file).

    Discussion is opened.

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    AW: Mixing multiple audio streams in MP2

    Sorry, that must be "hacked" with a plugin - I think that should not be core functionality.
  4. tourettes
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    This leads to an improvement idea. Currently MP1 and MP2 as well are not having any sort of possibility for mixing audio streams from different sources. Basicly DS audio renderer would be only an audio sink that would delegate the stream rendering to the audio engine. BASS would probably need some extra "output" device to work as a sink (I have no clue how BASS works but I would assume it would be able to work such way).

    It would allow few good features to be implemented:

    • WASAPI exlcusive mode to be used without hacks in PIP mode
    • Fade in/out between different sources of audio (tv, radio, mpe etc.)
    • Mixing GUI sounds over audio (some people might be wanting such - not me :))

    ps. XBMC will soon have such - do we want to be less capable? :)

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