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I have had Media portal for some time now, and its amazing. I also have a modified xbox dvd remote reciever installed and mounted on my sytem. This is a great remote and reciever, and it even works from accross the room and the remote pointing away.

The only problem is that the remote isn't fully compatable with Media portal. I got the driver and original program from here:

Good news is that the source code for the driver (windows 2k&xp) and the software. I am hoping that someone could write a plugin or something for this to work. I feel that if you support it, more people will get the remote and it will attract more attention to media portal ( I will tell my friends and half a dozen message boards). Pm me if you are going to take on this challenge and I volenteer to be beta tester.

EDIT: I think I put this in the wrong section. I wasn't sure where to put it.


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    this is a great idea...however i guess we would need an Xbox-USB to PC-USB adaptor?? must we make them ourselves? or buy them from somewhere?


    I just cracked open the case and soldered the usb cable to the circuit board with this diagram. I wouldn't sugest this method unless your are completely comfortable with a soldering iron.

    Unfortantly the IR reciever doesn't use the dongle, wich means any premade cord wouldn't work. They are ment to hook up a controller to the pc.

    Also you can make this adapter using this guide.
    This method would still allow you to plug the reciever back into an xbox.

    A used dvd remote and reciver usually cost around $20 US at ebgames. For the usb cable I just butchered an extra I had lying around. You will have to bust out the tools and get busy.


    This is a bit of an update:

    I kinda got it to work a bit. The program that come with the driver can be set up so that the buttons can work like hitting a key on the keyboard. In essence MP is thinking that I am using the keyboard. This whole thing is not perfect and I have no idea what I should do with the "title" button on the remote.

    Here is how the setup looks on the XBCDR program:
    Button : Function
    Display : VK_X
    Play: VK_space
    Pause: VK_space
    Stop: VK_ B
    Reverse: VK_F5
    Foward: VK_F6
    Skip- : VK_F7
    Skip+ : VK_F8
    Select : VK_Return
    UP : VK_UP
    down : VK_down
    Left : VK_left
    Right : Vk_right
    Title : none
    Info: VK_F3
    Menu: VK_F9
    Back: VK_ESCAPE
    # : VK_#

    Note: VK means virtual Keyboard

    This whole setup is still a work in progress. I haven't tryied this setup to play DVD's or TV. I still don't know what to do with the Title key. WhenI play a video and accidently hit the up and down buttons they jump to a different time in the movie. I also can't control the volume with this setup.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Also Is anyone working on a plugin or anything?

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