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a .strm browser - perhaps with small logos for each channel, whether radio or TV (stream) - and perhaps also a line in .strm to mention Language, if it isn't mentioned as part of the file name, as is common with stream packs....

- along with everything else we've come (and grown to love about XBMP, and following that XBMC.

But basically on the PC, if there's one thing that I don't know any app for, it's a nice browser of internet asx streams - and MediaPortal does that nicely, but there's plenty of things that could be added to make browsing these .strm better.

What I'm saying is, if I had to pick one thing in MP, that's unique to MP and not something you could do with another app - it should be something that MP has great potential to do, and this is it.


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    yeah, there will be a nicer way streams r handled.
    there has been done 0 about it yet :)

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