MP 1.2.1 and no options for xmltv plugin!


New Member
October 4, 2011

Turns out that a reboot fixed it for some reason! :)
Reminds of the tv-show called IT-Crowd: "Have you tried turning it on and off again!"

- Sorry to have a newbie bother you! :rolleyes:

Hi "community" (my first post).

Just installed MP and got my tuner and channels all working. I turned off DVB-EPG grabbing and enabled/ticked the xmltv plugin in TV-Server Configuration, but I cannot get the options-pane for it to display under the tree-view for plugins (as shown in the wiki) - the webepg plugin shows no options either. All the other plugins show their respective options/info.

Have anyone got a clue to why this plugin wont register its options under the plugin tree-view for me?

Setup: MP 1.2.1 and Win7-64.

Thanks for any response!