MP 1.3.0 TV - How to restart Playback during Channel change? (1 Viewer)


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September 12, 2005
Hey there,
i dont know if anyone can or will help me with my "problem" cause ive got an outdated version:

with v1.3 everything works just flawless and great, but not with 2.0. especially the Tv function.
The only Problem with 1.3 is that sometimes the Channel change either doesnt work or takes a long time.
So i always have to restart tv.
I use it with timeshift on, without timeshift it works without any restarts - channel change is ok.
So i wanted to know, if its possible (and i would try it by myself) to make a kind of workaround to tell mp to restart tv with every channel change.
I just need someone who could tell where i should look or beginn to edit mp the way i want it.
I recognized that this "feature" is within RC2, but that doesnt work for me cause ive got no sound with scrambled channels.
i appreciate your help and BIG THANKS to the programmers! Keep up the good work!

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