MP1 deploy/download redirect links for MS SQL and WMP links - maybe fix them? (1 Viewer)


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November 19, 2014
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Looking at Microsoft's website, it looks like it wouldn't be hard to fix the redirect links on for the MP1 deployer, so that WMP11 and MS SQLEXPR.EXE are correctly linked and don't need user intervention to download.

It also wouldn't be hard to put a small fix in the deploy/download code so that users with an x64 system don't get mistakenly told to download a file sqlexpr64.exe (which doesn't exist), but just download sqlexpr.exe for both x86 and x64 systems which works correctly.

As a side-issue, might it be worth fixing the statement that MP1+MP2 share a common back-end - apparently they don't (due to the use of SQL or other features, not quite sure). There are threads that list extension "shims" or other tweaks, that give an MP2 client access to an MP1 back-end, and perhaps some fixes to give an MP1 client access to an MP2 back-end. Would it be easy to add those to the deployers and to the "standard default extensions" in both versions, so users who want to explore both versions can do so without excessive modding, and those who already have a TV server working can continue to use it with the "other" client?

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