[Finished] [MP2-692] Set focus on first unwatched Item when entering a list. (1 Viewer)


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    A long time feature wish and something that is "normal" in other HTPC programs.
    When you enter a list (grid, coverview, no matter) the first item in the list gets focus. This only is a good decision if no media item of this view was watched before... Normally you want continue with the first not watched item. So it would be better if the focus is set to the first not watched item in the list, as done by most (all?) other HTPC programs.
    An example. I want to watch the new episode of "Scorpion". I need to scroll down to the series. Pretty normal of course.
    Now I enter the season view. Focus is on season 1 also all episodes are watched. Focus should be on season 3 in this example..
    As I wanted to view the unwatched episode( s ) I need to scroll down to season 3, not necessary if this feature request will be included. After entering season 3 the focus is on episode 1 but should be on episode 18
    Of course I want to watch the latest episode as it is the only episode I haven't seen so far. I need to scroll down all the way to episode 18 before I can start watching...
    Not a very smart behavior and not very user friendly...

    Most of the cases a user primary want to watch media not seen before so this feature would be very appreciated by most people, I think.

    Jira: https://issues.team-mediaportal.com/projects/MP2/issues/MP2-692?filter=allopenissues
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    In addition to the above would it be possible to just scroll down to the required series and press 'play' and have the next unwatched episode start without having to navigate down to the season/episode?

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