MPTV Client + Network = slow? (1 Viewer)


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February 4, 2009

looks like i've got a really interessting problem.

I'm using MP 1.0 with mptv client 1.2.5 and vlc.

MP-Server - P4HT 3,2, 1 GB RAM, Mantis DVB-S2

The problem is as soon as i'm streaming the signal, i've got really dirty probs. The quality is more than just okay. But it looks like i've got to less bandwith - using 11 Mbit W-Lan.

With Media Portal itself and startin mytv with streaming - i get approx 1 fps.
with vlc and mptv client i'm able to see the channel. It starts - normal. but after a few seconds it's geting slower until it stops.

I've already tried mediaportel over 55mbit w-lan - looks better bot not perfect - still short stops.

any idea? maybe i've to decrease quality - but how? (I've not tried HDTV....)

thanks for your suggestions.



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