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Although it is highly capable, we are clearly still in the early stages of MP development and new releases and updates are coming at a fairly rapid pace.

One thing I'd like to see is the ability to have multiple versions installed --- without the need to remove a prior version. This would allow us to be running a faitly stable release and still install and test the current release(s) and feature(s). Once we know that the new version works in our environment I could then simply switch over and remove the earlier one at my convenience.

I've been bitten twice by this going from -> -> I had one working fairly well then moved to the new release and things were broken right and left. When I tried to go back I ended up having to make all the adjustments and setup changes all over again. This is especially a pain when the TV database changes and you have to re-learn all the channels, etc.

Just one man's opinion :)


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September 19, 2004
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As far as I know almost every configuration part and file installed with MP is placed in the MediaPortal folder.

Before installing a new version why not just rename the MediaPortal to MediaPortal_version and changing the menu-links to it.

Install the new version, which would be like a totally new install. If you prefer you could copy your old MediaPortal folder instead of renaming. This would provice you with an installation on top and maybe this could give you a working (at least partly) configuration from upgrade to upgrade.

Please consider this YOU WILL HAVE TO put every installed 3th party plugin and its folders (just to make sure) under the MediaPortal folder as well. The example of this being the ShoutCast plugin since it makes its own folders and files.

The above is not testet, but I've had a Release version and the CVS version of MP installed on the computer side-by-side. As far as i remember that didn't give me any serious trouble.

;-) ojo


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November 13, 2004
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Mulitple Versions don´t work for me

It doesn´t work for me :cry:

When i rename my installed version to i.e. Team Mediaportal 0103 and want to install a new version like i.e. 01051 the installer told me that there is an installed version and i have to uninstall it over software.

Any hints for me???



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September 19, 2004
Ulstrup, Denmark
Try renaming the "MeadiaPortal" folder, not the "Team MediaPortal".

Maybe that does it ?

btw: My version is installed in : "C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\MediaPortal.exe"

;-) Ojo

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