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February 9, 2009
United States of America United States of America least for me. It's worked fine for at least a year, but all of a sudden nothing is happening.

I'm using the newest StreamedMP which I've removed and re-installed (it isn't working with any other skin either).

I've tried re-installing via the installer; I've even tried downgrading to an older version that used the dllfix.exe and still no luck. I've un-installed via the control panel and even tried manually hunting down the misc. files and deleted them. when you click the home button that corresponds to multishortcut it's not loading the corresponding programs. I've replaced the .xml file inside the StreamedMP's folder and I've double checked the plugin IDs making sure they all matched up. Nothing.

I'm using multishortcut to launch BeyondTV which loads fine via the desktop icon.

I've attached some logs, so thanks to anyone who can help.


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