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March 20, 2012
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I think there should be the possibility to use more tags to format the music- itle format mask.
Right now I am using a format like
%track% - %artist% -%title%​
So my music is displayed like
01 - Snoop Dogg - Ride 4 Me​

I would like to use the following additional tags, which are currently not avaiable (MP 1.3)


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  • June 10, 2008
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    I think all tags stored in the music database should be supported as display titles, however I think the number of users that would use the additional tags would be 0.1%


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    March 20, 2012
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    Probably you are right about this, but maybe in some future version of mp this could be implemented which will make the 0.1% people 200% happy ;-)


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  • October 22, 2010
    I'm surprised that this hasn't been brought up earlier... Personally, I see no reason (unless developers come up with valid explenantion) why all tags without restriction aren't supported...
    Anyway, I'd like to add myself to the 0.1% group of people and hopefully increase the posibility for this to happen ;-)
    BTW, in my particular case I was looking for the %bitrate% tag.

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