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mvCentral Music Videos Plugin

I am pleased to announce the next release of mvCental for MediaPortal 1.2.

This is a major update to the previous release, there are new Metadata providers and HTBackdrops and major reworking of the parsing code.

One of the side effects is that the the setting 'Ignore folder structure when parsing' has been swapped - please ensure you run configuration first as this will prompt you for the correct setting based on your folder layout.


You you also install with the MediaPortal Extenstion Installer​

Hightlight Changes

  • Add as additional provider
  • Add as additional image provider
  • Add the ability to right click a track and add/creat an album for it.
  • Add drag and drop for images, this is both for local files and weblinks (ie. google images)
  • Add new options to allow Metadata update from and image updates from
GUI Plugin

  • Add new screen SmartDJ - this allows customer generation of playlists, you can chose if these are matched or create your own filter sets from the list below.
  • Genre
  • Last.FM Tags
  • Tones
  • Styles
  • Composers
  • Updated skin files to support the extended Metadata
  • Background process progress bars
  • Additional Metadata includes Born/Formed, Track and Album Rating, Genre, Tones and Styles
When upgrading a full Metadata refresh will be initiated, this will be run once and for a large Misic Video collection could take a few hours, progress can be monitored in the GUI from eithe rthe main screen or the Stats and Info Screen.

This process can be interrupted by closing MP and will restart from the last video file when MP is restarted. The update will be active wheile mvCentral Configuration is active and while MP is running though progress feed back is only available from the GUI.

Change Log

mvCentral v1.0.0.269

Enhancment as per issue 28

There is now an right click option on the track 'Create Album For Track', this will allow you to look up the album on and assign this track to that album.

Fixed issue where artist/album & video counts were not reset when re-entering config


Added Drag and Drop of images into config. This can either be images off disk or images dragged from a
web browser ie. google image search (note. can only drag in the actual inage not the indoex image)
Note: Still a load of checks to add to drag and drop to code, currently does not care too much about the file being an image :)

Only allow background details update scan to happen once, can be overridden in advanced settings by
setting "Always scan for provider updates in background" to True. Doing this will cause the plugin to try and
update misisng data constantly..not recomended. A manual 'Get Info' will function as normal.


Added the following skin props

When navigating



When Video Playing

#mvCentral. Current.videowidth
#mvCentral. Current.videoheight
#mvCentral. Current.videoframerate

Fixed issue where facade (#selectedthumb) used the thumbnail image not fullsize.

Added full checking to drag drop of images/urls to image on config.

Fixed issue where image details were not updating correctly when cyclying though image in config.

Fixed issue where Fullsize image was not deleted when image deleted


Added two new extra props

#mvCentral.Album.Rating - Allmusic supplied rating (0-9)
#mvCentral.Track.Rating - Allmusic supplied rating (0-9) (Not yet working...)

Fixed issues with Allmusic matching


Added following props

#mvCentral.Genre - Allmusic supplied Genre

Reworked StreamedMP and Defauldwide main skin to add new props


Lookup track rating from


Enabled #mvCentral.Track.Rating property and adjusted SMP skin to display it.

Two new tables for composers and Styles/Tones, new SmartDJ function (still WIP)

Lookup up composers, Tones, Styles and Genre from

Added new property

#mvCentral.Composers = comma seperated list of composers

Added SmartDJ option, new screen (Part 1) - allows the gerneration of playlists from Genre, LastFm Tags, Styles, Tones or composers


Added filter support to SmartDJ (StreamedMP skin only), updated language files.
Still working on the filter part...comments welcome


Reworked SmartDJ to use same buuton for Match and Filter, button ID's 30 to 35.
Match and Filtering should now all be working, SMP still only skin supported.


Fixed issue 32 - ignore file in importer screen
Swapped to playlistlayout from list layout in SmartDJ
Now remember SmartDJ settings when returning from playing the playlist
Added SmartDF defaultwide skin file


Switched back to list from playlist and added button to access generated playlist
Updated Defaultwide and SMP skins for facade changes
Add new localizations
Added skin property #mvCentral.SmartDJ.Mode, display if matching or filter mode
Added Shuffle Playlist and Playlist buttons to SmartDJ menus
Added new setting to store playlist shuffle setting for SmartDJ
Added search button to defaultwide main skin file


Fixed menu in Default Skin
Added SmartDJ skin to Default skin


Added Update DB info box and ask user to chose how their files are stored and set Ignore Folder Stucture to suit.


Add AllMusic artist genre to main genre table, addition of tags t genre table still allowed.


Latest added function - New props are




Added Refresh progress control - show the percentage completed on the background rescan

ID 12
Text property #mvCentral.Artwork.Update.Progress (displays as xx% Complete)


Correct issue with selected track not playing from SmartDJ - this does mean the playlist is not shuffled if playback is started by this method.

Added #iswatched (yes/no) property and also set #mvCentral.Watched.Count is #iswatched if set to true.

In SmartDJ expose the following property's


Aded progress bars to StatsAndInfo screen

ID 12 - Artwork updater thread / Text Percentage #mvCentral.Artwork.Update.Progress
ID 13 - Metadata Refresh thread / Text Percentage #mvCentral.Metadata.Update.Progress

Both of these controls will remain visible

In skin file mvCentral.xml only the Metadata progress bar is supported

ID 12 / Text Percentage #mvCentral.Metadata.Update.Progress

This will only be visible when the background thred is active (ie. value > 0 or < 100)

Changes to StreamedMP, DefaultWide and Default skins for progress bars + some fixes.


Playlist (mvCentral.Playlist.xml)

Fix total playlist duration (#mvCentral.Playlist.Runtime) not being set is a treack contained an invalid duration

Added the following additional skin properties to Playlist when item is selected.

Removed hardcoded visibility for ID 12 (Metadata progress bar) for main screen (mvCentral.xml)

Added #mvCentral.Metadata.Scan.Active skin property to indicate when refresh is in progress

Set to 'true' is refreshing metadata
Set to 'false' metadata is not refreshing

Rework of Default/Defaultwide skin files, tidy, spell check, comment and animations


Enable the following Smart Playlist Options
Favourites = All Videos Most to least Watched
Highest Rated = All Videos highest to lowest Allmusic rating
Least Played = All Videos least to most played


Centre Advanced Settings warning/panel
Ensure #mvCentral.Watched.Count is set to 0 when #iswatched is set to 'no'


Release Version

Come across a Bug
Any bugs found or feedback will be much appreciated, please read this Wiki before submitting any bugs to the tracker.

Please do NOT use this thread to discuss any issues you are having, if you need to communicate an issue in the forums then please create a seperate thread for each issue you find or want to discuss. Remember to post screenshots and a full set of Debug logs.


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    Lots of good stuff that is new here guys. I really think everyone will dig all the new stuff Trevor has added!


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    Great, haven't played with this for a while, looks like you've made great progress; just need to get back home and try it out :)

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