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It would have been nice to create alarms on certain dates.
Like birthdays, tvshows 2 weeks from now etc.

Clicking down on hours when 0 should wrap down to 23.
Cicking down on minutes when 0 should wrap down to 59.
Same thing happens when the values are 23/59 it wont go up to 0.

If i want the time 23:59, i need to click 23 + 59 times :).

Maybe some feature that allows one click and it increases/decreases
while it's pressed.

Also an option to replay the mp3 file a certain time, like 2 minutes, 2
hours or whatver i choose. Or maybe replay it n times.
I have a pretty short alarm mp3 file which i use, but 5 seconds
is too short for me to notice it at times.


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