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February 2, 2005
Kempten, Germany
I built my first box almost one year ago, but it was loud and actually ugly. So I did a lot of research and finally built a really silent system.

As motherboard I did choose an Abit NF-7 because of two reasons. First it has SPDIF out onboard ans second it has the ability to undervolt the CPU.

My CPU is an AMD Athlon XP 1700+ which is absolutely enough to run MP on it. Instead of Vcore = 1.65 V I undervoltet it to 1.4 V.

As CPU cooler I choose a monster! :lol: I got the Aerocool GT-1000. I hat to improve it a little bit because the case is not that big! I just removed the frame where the fan can be mounted because I run it passive anyway. So I also can remove the bracket on the top and then it fits in perfect!

As I already wrote, I got an Thermaltake Tenor case. I like the design and it's fair price. Of course, I modded that one too. I removed all of the case fans and closed the holes for the fans on the rear with some ducktape. I also closed the venting holes on the top of the case. At the place where the front fan was, the metal had only some small holes so I did cut one big hole wir´th an width of about 5cm.
Because of these improvements I got an perfect airflow from the left/front to the right/back!

As harddisk I used a Seagate 7200.8 250GB which is pretty silent and Seagate offers 5 years warranty! I throw the HDD cage out and put the HDD on some soft foam in front of the ventinghole in the front.

As the only fan I use my Fortron FSP350-60MDN PSU. It has an 120mm fan built in which is enough to cool my CPU, Nortbridge an actually the whole Case!

My Temperatures are:
CPU 52°C
NB 43°C
HDD 42°C

I hope noone minds when I post some pictures from a different forum where I did write a german review. I just transaltet it in english for that forum:

I really love my case because I cannot hear it anymore although it's only 2m far away from my sofa! :shock:

I hope you all like my system and I wanna thank all for making that great Mediaportal!!! :D

Hope to hear some statements![/url]

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