My Emulators not playing roms but MAME32 does (1 Viewer)


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March 29, 2008
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I just installed the new 3.1 my emulators, & configured it. I have MAME32, and only 3 roms but they are all working. When i say working i mean that i have played them when launching MAME32 directly. After i configured my emulators to look at MAME32 and the rom directory, i launch mp and then open my emulators. I choose MAME32 and can see my roms. When i click on one of them to play, i get an error message saying that i am missing some of the rom's files. how could that be if all my emulators is doing is calling my MAME32.exe and looking at the roms dir i pointed it too? also , how could it say im missing files if MAME32 (standalone) plays them just fine?

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