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  • July 25, 2005
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    After reading about MediaPortal and some other HTPC applications a few months ago, I decided that the components from my old computer would make for a great base to a HTPC. After having the unit for about a month two months now, I was asked to give a little information about the process. So, I put together a little webpage with information and pictures about my plans/build/upgrade.

    Give it a look. Hopefully it will help inspire someone who might be on the fence about building a HTPC - im extremely happy with mine right now, especially how one box can easily replace several seperate, expensive pieces of AV equipment.


    Note: I'm keeping an online changelog on the page to keep records of all the updates and changes i've done and will do to the box. The hardware may be finalized and assembled, but the software is a constantly changing adventure. ;)

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