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July 11, 2005
Didcot, UK
Finally got this beast up, running and stable!!!

Case: Accent HT-200
MB: Abit NF7-S
CPU: AMD 3200 XP
Mem: 2x512mb
Sound: onboard soundstorm via spdif
GPU: Gigabyte 6800 fanless
Network: PCI Wireless (802.11g)
PSU: Seasonic!!!!
DVD: Pioneer DVD RW (firmware mod to silent use)
Remote: Imon pad inside
VFD: Samsung 2x16 parallel
Cooling: 2x60mm rear AcoustiFan, 1x120mm side AcoustiFan + psu fan!!
Keyboard/Mouse: BFC Wireless combo
GamePad: Logitech wireless

Media served via a seperate media server hidden away upstairs!!!!

Whole setup - (tv wires to be hidden next week!!!!)
Front with Amp
Front with fan controller
Side showing 120mm fan mod
Inside - Still need to clean up those wires!!!

First up this case got hot!! I was getting internal temps of 30-35c never mind what the cpu was getting. Naturally the fanless graphics card didn't help, so out came the hole saw and in went a 120mm fan on the left side of the case.
The graphics card is full length and I had to remove the hard drive cage - fortunatly the Enermax fan controller could mount a hd - so that problem was solved.
I did have an Imon RSC to start with which was a real pain to work with MP, so found someone selling the Imon Pad on ebay - so got that and after a bit of messing around (the IR is incompatable between the RSC and PAD) I swopped over the circuit boards of the original and new imon receivers and hey-presto it all worked!!!

Video output to LCD TV (Hitachi 32LD7200) via DVI @ 1360x768 (powerstrip!!!)
TV in via svideo from Sky+ (i only record to back up on the pc)
Sound into my Morantz amp via spdif - awesome!!!!


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November 1, 2005


Thanks for the insight into your htpc, I'm hovering around with a similar project, and am intersted in solving one issue I'm experiencing, that you may have solved.

Your using a sky+ connected via svideo to your capture card, how are you doing this, because there's a thread that suggests it doesn't work.

I have a scart connection out of my vtr sky stb to an svideo connection on my pvr-350, I only get black and white.

Swapping the cable for a scart to composite cable and using an composite-2-svideo adaptor plugged into the svideo port on the pvr-350 still gives black and white.

The sky+ box is set for rgb on the scart setting, the alternative being pal, which I will try, but I'm stumped.

I'm interested in how yours is working and whether there's something wrong with my cheap maplin cables or elsewhere.

Lastly, how are you changing channels?




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July 11, 2005
Didcot, UK
Hi Andy (from one Andy to another!!)

My Sky+ box has a svideo output which I route straight to my hauppuage 150, just make sure that the hauppuage software and MP are set to svideo input. I do not record live onto the pc, but record using the sky+ box and then copy onto the pc stuff I want to keep. For that I do not use MP but the hauppuage software and the hauppuage scheduler. I don't see much point in having Sky+ if you are using MP to do what Sky+ does. MP for me is my music/avi/dvd/gaming platform.

Before having Sky+ I had to use a scart splitter to run RGB to the screen and RGB to a RBG->SVideo converter to get a good image to capture.

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