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  • April 22, 2004
    O.K. This is how I understand that the album art and info thing works at the moment:

    I press F3 to get album information.
    It is searched for in the internet
    I get a choise of possible albums (up to 10 in one case)
    I think about which one could be the right one
    I choose it and see the info.

    Now my proposals:

    1) Add a button to confirm that this is the right album information for the album on the harddisk.
    Save the information somewhere (I mean which album it is, not necessarily the infos themselves.
    Next time you won´t have to think about the choise of albums.

    2) Save the album art so that it is used by MediaPortal as image for the folder of this album.

    3) Maybe save the album info itsself locally. But I am not sure about this.

    4) The choise of possible suitable albums is sometimes very far from the real album. I guess it is much harder to guess the right album when it is mp3 with different song length and bitrate. Much harder then a cd. But the folder name seems not to be highly rated as a clue to guess the album Allthough most of the times it contains artist and album title. I tested about 10 albums which are well known, nothing really exotic and got only one clear feedback. 4-5 with no hit and 4-5 with a couple of possibilities.

    Maybe I misunderstood the concept how it works, I am just playing around with it for a day or so after connecting my htpc to the internet.



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  • April 22, 2004
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    number 2 and 3 are allready being done.

    the results r just result you would also get when searching yourself.

    the step to confirm if it's the correct info is nice.

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